Tote Bag Design
Design Concept:
Base on my consolidation on this company, as an online shopping store selling goods. My initial planning was to base the tote bag as a shopping bag character on the physical tote bag.

Composing rounded shapes to create the character with a cursor symbolising an interface of an online shop. Incorporating the logo's colour palettes "Cyan & Pink" to display the emotion of "cleanliness and kindness" base on colour theory.

The end result is shown below, on the left you can see the character and on its right is the clean wilderness with a caption I thought of "Life without goody will make you moody." Hence delivering the message to the audience to always be with goody to shop happily.

Duration: 1 - 2 days
Revision: 3 - 5 times
Leaflet Design
Design Brief:
A leaflet design that requires both Cantonese and English languages, venue of distribution located at the exhibition centre during the "Christmas Shopping Festival".

Design Concept:
Maintaining simplicity & continuity throughout the designs, applied a particular character similar of that to the tote bag design. The same concept of a shopping bag character is implemented and by creating rounded shape delivers a positive emotional message. As for the fonts I've chosen are slab serif fonts for both English & Cantonese characters.

The end result of the designs shows the use of radiant balance, macro & micro spaces and lastly, flows.

Duration : 1 - 2 days
Revision : 2 - 3 times
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